Sr. Software Engineer

Backend Developer - Java

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Job Type:
Part Time
Job Location:
Hyderabad, India

Job Title: Sr. Software Engineer  

· Bachelor's degree in computer science engineering or a related subject.

· 5+ years of experience with strong programming skills

· Experience with Angular, with a clear understanding of components, directives, controllers, services, route guards, modules and data binding.

· Hands-on experience with TypeScript RxJs Operators and ability to design, develop, test & debug proficiently.

· Proven experience in implementing front-end and back-end JavaScript applications.

· Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script & Bootstrap.

· Good problem-solving skills.

· Good to have knowledge of Node JS.

Key Responsibilities:

· Designing and developing user interfaces using AngularJS best practices.

· Integrating the UI components with the Restful APIs

· Writing JavaScript, CSS, HTML & Bootstrap.

· Ensuring high performance of applications and providing support.

· Work as an individual contributor and a team member to build the product.