Architecture Services

A well Architected IAM system is critical to program success, as it influences performance, scalability, and system maintainability. Our Architects bring broad based expertise from having delivered multiple implementations. This expertise spans the entire IAM stack and includes databases, identity stores, network, applications and systems.

We initiate our architecture design process by collecting and gathering information about existing implementation(s) and understanding the goals for the IAM solution being implemented.

After gathering all the required information, our Architects assess the fit and identify gaps against the proposed implementation.

The next step involves creation of alternative Architectural options to leverage existing investments and meet IAM program needs. This phase may involve creating an Architectural prototype.

During the final phase, we refine the Architectural prototype to meet your business needs and align with your business goals. In this phase, use cases are verified and refined, and risk and impact assessment are conducted. The deliverable from this phase is an Architecture document that supports the implementation of the IAM Program requirements.