Migration and Upgrades

In a fast-changing IT environment, and a security posture requiring constant change, all products are constantly being updated by ISVs. The latest versions usually have enhanced as well as new features. We offer services to help you with a migration or an upgrade so that you can maintain a secure environment.

Having a plan and a design is most important when migrating from one vendor product to another. ZionTech has extensive experience in devising effective plans with multiple vendor products. Leveraging this experience and artifacts associated with migrations can both shorten the timelines associated with the migration and help you avoid pitfalls.

The migration process should not interrupt your daily business flow. Today’s enterprises require a strategy to perform a smooth migration without any impact on business. Here again, we offer our experience and best practices associated with migrations. The end result is a minimum to zero down time and no business disruption.

ZionTech can help you with upgrades to the latest release of a product to address known product defects and shortcomings or new functionality. Separate from a migration and typically smaller in scope, upgrades help you stay in sync with a vendor’s support and product lifecycle roadmap. Not to mention a more stable operational environment.

When a product is missing functionality that you need, we offer development services to fill in the gap so that you can leverage the investment in your product. Often this is because your needs do not align with the roadmap of the vendor. At other times, the vendor has no plans to offer the feature(s) you need because they are unique to you. Regardless, we will address your needs in a manner that will allow you to get the functionality you need while ensuring you can upgrade to the vendor’s offering in the future.