Directory Services

Enterprise user directories are the foundation of any IAM implementation, storing user account, profile, and real-time information that supports the application authentication and authorization features. Over time, many companies have built multiple such repositories to support their needs. As requirements evolve, the support and maintenance of these systems grow more complex and costly, and information duplication and lack of compliance policies cause frequent challenges.

ZionTech’s team of directory services experts has worked with countless enterprise clients to design and implement directory solutions that can scale with their evolving needs. Often this includes consolidating multiple LDAP-based repositories into a single enterprise-wide user store and designing processes that improve on-boarding and off-boarding of user accounts.

Our directory services include:
➢ Advising on enterprise directory implementations, including LDAP consolidation initiatives.
➢ Scoping and planning enterprise user directory deployment solutions.
➢ Design of logical and physical architectures for directory infrastructure.
➢ Implementing LDAP-based user stores.
➢ Migrating data from legacy repositories.
➢ Outsourcing maintenance and production support for LDAP infrastructure.